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Rotatiesnelheid controle-eenheden voor transportbanden om de sequentie lopende handhaven

Rotech Sensoren

Day Tripper – Day Aggregates Purley Depot

"Day Aggregates invest £3.6 million in new unloading and storage system at key south London rail depot...
Rotech rotational speed control units are fitted to all conveyors to maintain sequence running and to stop the entire plant in the event of individual belt failure”
(Day Aggregates, 2006).

This excerpt from a 2006 article, published by Day Aggregates highlights the use of Rotech Sensors being used as vital part of the whole installation.

Over 5 years later, the proven reliability and durability of Rotech units has been confirmed by Site Manager Tim James, who stated the same sensors are still operating faultlessly, in the
same location, performing the same function!

He would have no reservation in specifying Rotech Sensors for any future requirements.

Read the full ‘Day Aggregates’ article

Rotech Systems
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Ellesmere Port
CH65 4EH
T: 0151 356 2322
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Web; www.rotechsystems.co.uk

Rotech Systems

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