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Modern Wastewater Pumping System Solves Clogging Problems

Modern pumping system

Your use of water in your process, in many cases, is passed on to the local treatment plant. If you have a wash down area or are just flushing, chances are you are flushing rags, gloves, wipes and other miscellaneous trash down into a wet well where submersible pumps make the transfer to the treatment plant. If you are spending time cleaning and removing clogs from pumps or trash from the wet well there is a remedy to end this.

Submersible pumps in wet wells have been the norm for over sixty years.

It may be time for your plant to modernise the wastewater pumping system to end these problems.

Some end users feel that they have to spend additional budget funds on grinders, bar screens and rakes, or trash baskets just to handle the trash issues. Additional energy costs, maintenance required, and just plain trash hauling is certainly not productive.

There is a better, less costly way to solve this problem.

A manufacturer of wastewater pumping systems recognised the costly issues with trash in 2001. He designed, built, tested, and proved a new pumping technology that he patented in 2002. Since that time there have been thousands installed where clogging had been a time-consuming problem. There are now end users that find better use of their time than cleaning wastewater pumping systems.

This modern pumping system is innovative, sustainable, and offers self-cleaning pumps that clean themselves without human intervention. The system is not just monitored but is fully capable of remote management using a desktop, a tablet, or even a smart phone from anywhere in the plant or even from the home office across the country. You can “watch” the pumps run and even order and print reports if you wish.

If up to date wastewater pumping is of interest to you, a quick email request will get you results

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