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Malvern specialist presents ‘Inline particle size analysis for fluidized bed and high shear granulation processes’ at Asian Particle Technology Symposium

Malvern Instruments Parsum IPP 70-S

At the 5th Asian Particle Technology Symposium (APT 2012) in Singapore (2-5 July 2012), Jarvis Jeejing, process systems applications specialist at Malvern Instruments, will give a presentation describing the use of Spatial Filter Velocimetry technology (SFV) for inline particle size measurement in granulation and fluidised bed processes. This will form part of a conference session dedicated to recent applications of Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) for the development and manufacturing of crystallisation processes. A new white paper, ‘Real-time particle sizing for granulation control’, is available on the Malvern website for anyone wanting to find out how continuous particle size measurement can support their process. www.malvern.com/granulation

Parsum inline probes from Malvern use the technique of Spatial Filter Velocimetry to deliver in situ, real-time size and velocity measurements for solid particles suspended in a pneumatic or gravity flow gas stream. Robust, dustproof and waterproof, Parsum probes simultaneously measure particles in the size range 50-6000 µm with a velocity of 0.01-50 m/s and are suitable for almost any industrial environment. The new white paper examines the applicability of Parsum probes in granulation monitoring and control but also introduces laser diffraction as a suitable alternative for certain applications. Together these techniques provide robust and reliable continuous particle size analysis for the vast majority of granulation applications.

In his presentation Jarvis Jeejing will report on work undertaken to test the efficacy and reliability of Parsum probes in both small and large scale mixers within challenging environmental conditions. The work demonstrates that by providing real-time monitoring, this technique helps in understanding the behavior of the granulation processes and in improving granule quality.

For further details of all Malvern products visit the DKSH booth at the 5th APT Symposium or go to www.malvern.com

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