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ABB’s cpmPlus Energy Manager software

The readers of Control Engineering have selected ABB’s cpmPlus Energy Manager software to receive the magazine’s 2010 Engineers’ Choice award for the best new product in the “Dashboard Software – Energy” category. The magazine’s readers chose the top product in each voting category based on the product’s technological impact, service to the industry and market impact.

"Met meer dan 600-stemmen dit jaar in de Engineers 'Choice Awards, werden alle inzendingen in de productcategorieën van 29 blootgesteld aan een reeks kritische stemtechnieken. Het resultaat is dat ABB de categorie 'Dashboard Software - Energie' wint voor zijn cpmPlus Energy Manager, wat duidt op een hoog niveau van respect voor de eindgebruiker voor het product in dit snelgroeiende en belangrijke technologiesegment. We feliciteren ABB met haar succes bij het op de markt brengen van een product met zo'n hoge interesse en waarde voor de automatiserings- en besturingsengineergemeenschap, "zei David Greenfield, Editorial Director, Control Engineering.

Every month, in print and online, Control Engineering covers the proven solutions and game-changing technologies that are available to automation, instrumentation and controls professionals. Every year, the magazine holds a competition to highlight those products that engineers find most useful and desirable. Products that were introduced and available for purchase in the North American market between January, 2009 and November, 2009 were nominated for the competition. The magazine’s readers received an electronic ballot and voted for the best products at the end of the year. Control Engineering announced the 2010 winners in their February 2010 issue.

ABB’s winning product, cpmPlus Energy Manager, helps customers in all industries and building sector monitor, manage and optimise their energy usage for maximum efficiency and cost savings. It addresses the business side of energy management by producing accurate energy demand plans and taking advantage of them in energy supply planning and optimisation. Being able to accurately plan the energy requirements a day-ahead provides significant financial advantages, especially in the open electricity market, and ultimately lowers energy costs.

Energy Manager also includes reporting and analysis tools that evaluate the energy use patterns of all processes and pinpoint areas for improvement.

A key element in any company’s energy management program, Energy Manager offers dramatic cost savings for customers in all industries, especially for processes that are particularly energy-intensive, or if multiple energy sources are available. Opportunities for cost reduction are greatest when both electricity consumption and prices vary over time, which is common in the process industries and in the open electricity market environment. Energy Manager clearly indicates the cost of electricity and provides support to schedule electricity consumption for off-peak hours. It coordinates electricity purchases and sales with its own generation capacity, then schedules this generation during on-peak hours, when purchased electricity is most expensive, to provide additional cost savings.

Typically, cpmPlus Energy Manager can help customers achieve overall cost reductions of 2 to 5 per cent of their total electricity cost. For some process manufacturers, this can translate into millions of pounds saved annually.

Energy Manager is a core component of cpmPlus (www.abb.com/cpm), ABB’s Collaborative Production Management suite of applications. cpmPlus provides process and production management, advanced optimisation and connectivity solutions for the process industries.

For more information contact ABB Ltd, St Neots, Cambs.
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