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WKK-installatie zal totale capaciteit van 5MW + Bij New AD Facility

CooperOstlund, the UK’s leading gas engine specification and maintenance expert, has announced a new contract with BioConstruct GmbH. The agreement will see four combined heat and power (CHP) engines – with a total capacity of more than 5MW – installed at the company’s new AD facility in Hartlepool.

Set to be operational by March 2017, the state-of-the-art site will be capable of processing more than 100,000 tonnes of food waste every year, generating a significant volume of biogas as a result. Via CHP technology, this renewable gas will be combusted and exported to the National Grid as electricity – allowing it to be used to power thousands of homes and businesses nationwide.

In aanvulling op hernieuwbare energie, zal de faciliteit ook het genereren van thermische energie. Naast het brengen van de gistingstanks op temperatuur, zal dit worden gebruikt voor pasteuriseren grondstof en lokale stadsverwarming.

Commenting on the project, Johan Ostlund, director at CooperOstlund, said: “With a close working relationship going back several years, we have an understanding of BioConstruct’s site objectives, operational processes and team dynamic. We’re looking forward to being involved with the company’s latest AD site development, which will set the standards in renewable energy capability.

“Last year, we supported the company’s Imperial Park development in Middlesbrough, installing and commissioning four other CHP engines on a tight turnaround. Now fully operational, the site can process 100,000 tonnes of organic waste to generate both heat and electricity.”

Kai H. Roth, managing director at BioConstruct, added: “CooperOstlund has a well-earned reputation for excellence in the specification and maintenance of CHP gas engines. We worked in close partnership with Johan and the team on our Imperial Park development last year – a project that ran smoothly from start to finish.

“When it came to outsourcing the CHP installation and commissioning for our latest venture, CooperOstlund was the obvious choice. We’re confident that the team will deliver an excellent service on tight timescales.”

De BioConstruct AD site in Hartlepool zal operationeel zijn in maart 2017.

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